At Corrie Lynn & Co we take great care to ensure that all wood selected for the manufacturing process are obtained from a reliable, renewable source.

Wood Source:
Our wood suppliers are Tegs Timbers in Pietermaritzburg and Eco Timbers (owned by Hans Schneemann, who has travelled all over the world to ensure his supply is sustainable). We like to use recycled wood, mostly Yellowwood & Oregon, and are always pleased to make use of trees being cut down locally - in gardens, on street verges or due to storm damage.  These are then brought back to Corrie Lynn farm and hand planked using a Husqvarna band saw mill while still ‘wet’, then the planks are sticker stacked under cover in an old shed to air dry - for a year or two. We use a lot of Saligna, an invasive species which re-grows after cutting, is reasonably priced, has a good strong quality and is easily stained to any colour.

Furniture starts out as rough timber and follows the basic process of thicknessing, rough cutting, edge planing, accurate sizing, joint selection and cutting, sanding to size and the required smoothness and then the glue up and final sanding.

All our furniture is assembled with well-recognised joints, both old and modern. You won't find a nail anywhere in our workshop - except the ones we've pulled out of the recycled timber. Mortice & Tenon joints are used for things like table legs or aprons; Dovetails for drawers and carcass work; Rabbets, Dadoes & Grooves for shelving type work; Dowels and Biscuits; Butt joints & screws (where they are not seen); Mitres on frames and boxes and many other types too.

Sanding is done using various machines (with bit of hand work too) - from the large stroke sander that can handle rough work on objects both big and small, belt & disc sanders and then random orbital and orbital sanders for the finer work. The coarsest grit - 24, is used on end-grain chopping blocks to flatten them quickly and then we progress down through the grades: 40, 80, 100, 220 and sometimes 400, 600 and 1000 grits are used.

Once it is made, the piece moves to the relatively dust-free finishing room for the final phase.  The finishing process is very varied depending on the customers’ preference and the intended use of the piece of furniture. Some is sprayed with a catalysed varnish, which is quick drying, water and stain proof, easy to clean with both gloss and matt finishes.  Other pieces are oiled with a wide range of oils, once again depending on the use. Boiled Linseed oil is used for some outdoor products, Danish oil for both indoor and outdoor furniture as it dries quicker. Gobblin’s oil products, which are made in Pietermaritzburg, is used for children’s furniture and products which will handle food. This is followed up with olive oil.

Then it is off to the customer (around the country) or into the Corrie Lynn Shop. Our customer base is wide and varied - from tiny, bespoke jewellery boxes to large orders for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife camps in the uKhahlamba Drakensberg National Heritage Site and Game Reserves.  Many of our customers come back time and again to order another specially made piece and refer their friends to us.

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